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Due to diverse circumstances in the early years such as fatal diseases, violence, past wars, and drug trafficking, more men than vietnamese mail order brides are lost every year. For this reason there are many more vietnam mail order brides than men in the general population. The vietnamese woman is also disappointed in their men. They may have long relationships of five, ten, or even fifteen years and then, at the last minute, marry another vietnam woman, after taking the most important years of the life of their fiancie. According to a recent study, it is estimated that Vietnam has the largest percentage of single women in the world. So the fact is, there are not enough men in Vietnam and the ones that are available do not know how to be loyal and do not treat the women they way women need to be treated. For these reasons, women prefer gentleman from other countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, and European countries.  A vietnam wife consider these men to be more respectful, responsible, home minded, and partnership oriented than the men they have to deal with every day. Vietnam women generally do not frequent bars or dance clubs to meet men, only a vietnamese marriage agency . They usually do not smoke, and normally are not approachable on the street. The women prefer to meet their men by a vietnam marriage agency or from friends, family, and relatives. Since this is impossible with gentlemen of other countries, they turn to international introduction agencies to find the man of their dreams. In short, you are not average to them. Men who are below average looking by U.S. standards are are still considered special in Vietnam. These women are thinking on a long term basis and their primary taste is based on honesty, loyalty, respect, and affection. American men by reputation have all of these qualities. Therefore, when a vietnamese wife meets an American man, she is generally attracted to him.

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